Bath complex

For all guests, Fish Point family resort opens the doors of two bath complexes. The bath has long been known for its unique healing properties. In our bath you will plunge into the traditional Russian culture of soaring, restore physical and mental strength, feel the deep relaxation of every part of your body.

The spacious sauna cottages accommodate a company of up to 10 people, have 2 separate showers and a rest room, and are surrounded by a cozy terrace. The minimum session duration is 3 hours, and the cost is 3000 rubles per hour.

We are pleased to offer our guests a wide range of sauna services. You can use the heated font, known for its beneficial effects on the heart and metabolism. You can really feel the Russian bath only with a broom, and not even one. What could be more pleasant than to lie on a well-steamed broom, inhale their thick aroma and feel the heat that a professional parmeister collects! We have a broom for every taste - from traditional oak, birch and fir to unusual herbal. We are also pleased to offer you to use a grass mattress, bast bast and hat, without which it is indispensable in a bath.

Brooming is a real art. And its quality, as you know, depends largely on the bath attendant. Our parmasters are experienced professionals and real masters who know all the subtleties of bathing.

Forget about fatigue and replenish your vitality with a deep relaxing massage performed by our professional massage therapists. They will turn your vacation in a bath into an unforgettable and rewarding experience for body and soul.

In addition to renting a bath complex, Fish Point family resort offers three unique soaring programs, each of which It is aimed at relaxation, deep recovery and restoration of your body.

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