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Dear guests of the Fish Point family resort!

Now the entire planet is watching with concern the news of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to the data collected by the medical services of various countries and the World Health Organization, it is obvious what measures should be taken to protect yourself and others.

The main task now is to stop the spread of the virus, which poses a danger to many groups of the population, as well as can harm the economy and disrupt the daily life of billions of people.

With this letter, we inform you of the measures that the Fish Point family resort has already taken and continues to take in order to maximally protect our dear guests and employees from infection, as well as help stop the further spread of the virus.

Please note: Due to the introduction of additional security measures due to the development of the situation with COVID-19, some changes have been made to the hotel's operation. The hotel carefully follows the entire range of measures recommended by the government: upon entering the hotel, guests are invited to undergo a thermometry procedure, it is recommended to maintain a distance of 1.5-2 meters and use personal protective equipment. Disposable gloves and masks are available at the hotel reception. The measures already taken will also be saved in action:

• At the Fish Point family resort, public and office premises are regularly disinfected in accordance with the rules of the antiviral regime;

• We pay special attention to daily cleaning of public spaces, disinfection of door handles, railings and other surfaces;

• The air in public areas is regularly disinfected using ultraviolet radiation, all hotel areas are ventilated at a certain frequency to prevent the growth of the virus;

• Hand sanitizers are installed in service and public areas;

• With the hotel staff was carried out outreach work and detailed instructions on sanitary and preventive measures;

• The hotel team performs an hourly hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant solution. For guests, we have placed in rooms and cottages - napkins, antibacterial soap;

• Breakfast is served in the room or cottage by ordering via QR code;

• Stocks of sanitizers, antiseptics, infrared thermometers and ultraviolet lamps have been created.

We are aware that this situation may affect your business travel and vacation plans, so we have taken a number of steps in relation to the Fish Point family resort reservations.

Room reservation

We provide our guests with the ability to modify existing room reservations without any fees or penalties from the Fish Point family resort if such changes or cancellations are made no later than 48 hours prior to their scheduled arrival. In case of booking at a prepaid and non-refundable rate, we keep the funds on a deposit, which guests can use within a month.